Building the future of gaming
Building the future of gaming
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About Us

We are building the future of Web3 games because we believe that the blockchain is an infrastructure designed to support the next wave of consumer apps. It is intended to empower functionalities whilst being hidden in the background.

Our games are focused on fun and entertainment with features powered by Web3. Like true ownership of your game assets, decentralized in-game trading, trustless competitions and tournaments, and gameplay built around the player.

Our Products

As part of our mission to onboard the next generation of silent Web3 users through gaming, we built a bunch of other tools to achieve this mission:


a crypto wallet
for gamers


an NFT marketplace
for game assets


a gaming SDK
for game devs


for game projects

Our Community

With our extensive community of gamers and developers almost all over the world, our ecosystem is one where players, developers, creators and investors alike can come together and partake.

Our Team

Gideon K.


Chime E.


Gumbelevičius T.


Robertas K.


Cohen M.


Cooper P.